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With Identity Management Engineering Resources from
Metahorizon, we have you covered.

Identity Security and Access Management

Our team of seasoned Identity Access Management (IAM) experts can help you continuously optimize your IAM investment, implement additional efficiencies, increase uptime and improve your users' experience.

We offer dedicated engineering resources with the IAM expertise needed to refine your program and ensure it's running proficiently. Our engineers are available to you for limited engagements or on an ongoing managed services basis.

From troubleshooting to software patches, our engineers can ensure your IAM program is running smoothly.

How do you benefit from Identity Access Management

  • Easy budgeting with flat rates
  • Free up your internal resources
  • Save instead of hiring more
  • 24 X 7 Support

A dedicated group of IAM experts is on hand to troubleshoot and resolve your IAM challenges, including:

  • Full Tier III Support Team of specialists qualified to manage your complex problems.
  • Partial Tier II Support Collaborative approach between our experts and your level II team to analyze the impact of infrastructure changes to your Identity program.
  • Root Cause Analysis Utilize our years of expertise to determine the underlying cause of anomalies and formulate permanent solutions.
  • Bug Fixes We identify and resolve programming bugs/glitches in your Identity environment.

Offering care and maintenance across your application environment to ensure workflows are maintained and optimized

  • Application monitoring Proactive monitoring of your identity program to anticipate issues and ensure that application processes perform within expected scope.
  • Adaptive Adjustments Adjust Identity workflows in accordance with changes to your business's vision.
  • Updates and Patches We’ll keep your identity program up-to-date with security enhancements and new feature adoption.

Utilize our knowledge base to frequently communicate educated recommendations along with providing recurring reporting

  • Dedicated Success Manager Ensure maximum success and request resolutions with a dedicated Cyber project manager.
  • Enhanced Reporting We'll provide enhanced metrics on the health and usage of your Identity program.
  • Consulting and Guidance We provide expert advice on how to reduce operational impact and maximize efficiencies while implementing every change.

Our Identity Access Management Services allow you to take full control and manage user access in your IT landscape, without sacrificing security nor user experience, to enhance your security posture and operation efficiency.

  • Active Directory Bridge Consolidate authentication in Active Directory – including UNIX
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On Conveniently access multiple applications by logging in once
  • Multi-factor Authentication Authenticate users based on what they know, what they have and what they are
  • Risk-based Access Provide access to resources based on dynamic risk assessment or confidence level of transaction using behavioral and contextual data analytics
  • Virtual Directory Consolidate disparate data sources without migrating data to a single repository
  • DirectoryServices Design and implement an enterprise directory for central authentication and authorization
  • Federation Securely connect and exchange data with external data sources, cloud-based systems and partner applications
  • Bank & Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Telecom