Technologies and Solutions

MetaHorizon utilizes the best and most fitting technologies and solutions for your business. No matter which industry your business hails from, we have the widest range of software and tools for you:


Informatica is a product portfolio that is focused on Data Integration. It implements ETL, Information Lifecycle Management, Cloud Data Integration, B2B Data Exchange, Data Masking, Quality, Virtualization, Replication; to Master Data Management.

Informatica is a unified data integration system for business systems, delivering data throughout the enterprise efficiently. Informatica is implemented in current management systems for easier access to business data; in turn, making organizational collaboration and workflow more efficient.


SQL Server Integration Services features its ability to merge data from various sources into a single SQL Server. This Data Management allows for the creation of SSIS packages via BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio).
SSIS is best for populating data warehouses, to cleaning and standardization of data, making the automation of administrative tasks and business processes possible. This application is best suited for companies and organizations that work on and work with the production of data, reports, analytics; requiring information from different systems and sources at once.


Cognos is a performance management software suite created by IBM. Cognos is designed for businesses intending to extract corporate data, assemble the same; and create reports without its users having so much of a technical knowledge on software management. Used by over 23,000 companies all over the world, ranking as one of the “leaders” in Business Intelligence, Cognos makes for an excellent BI solution.

Cognos makes the preparation of reports and scorecards easy with its user-friendly dashboard. This application also operates on a web-based service-oriented architecture that makes it easier to use. The latest version also comes with a mobile capability, allowing its users to access the application through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Business Object

BusinnessObjects BI by SAP boasts a range of portfolio composed of front-end applications that enable businesses and organization to view, sort, and analyze BI data. BO features a range of applications suchc as Crystal Reports for reports generation, Xcelsius/Dashboards for creating graphs and data visualizations, Web Intelligence for ad hoc queries and data analysis online and offline, and Explorer for searching through the BI resources in an iTunes-like UI.
Business Objects allow for the integration of all data from the different departments and units of your business, allowing you in turn to synchronize the definition of the data you are currently having. This feature allows for a more effective business integration. With BO, you get to work on a single truth– a data is defined by one system as the same by another, causing all stakeholders in the organization to have the same understanding and analysis on the same set of information.


SQL Server Reporting Services offers a server-based reporting platform that aids in the efficient creation of reports, as it allows for the data integration and access in one suite. SSRS also enables the extension of data and reports processing in custom applications. SSRS works with Microsoft Visual Studio environment, integrated with SQL Server tools and components as well.
SSRS is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive reporting application that stores on a centralized web server all reports; along with the data and information associated with it. The best thing about SSRS is it stores all reports in one server, allowing its users to access reports anywhere and anytime.


TM1, formerly known as Applix TM1, is an enterprise planning software allowing for collaborative planning, implementation, budgeting, and creating solutions, to analytical and reporting applications. Cognos also features a data synchronization tool, allowing its users to access external data and systems, allowing a more efficient data management and planning software.

TM1 allows for powerful planning and analysis of countless of data including budgets and forecasts; including those that are based from large data sets. It also allows for a flexible modeling on a guided modeling interface; on top of easy collaboration with remote distribution of data that is compatible with most mobile devices including Apple iPad.

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