Business Consulting

Meta Horizon is backed up by a team of experienced consulting team ready to help out all sorts of business and organization. We offer end-to-end Business Intelligence and IT solutions that allows you to be ahead of your competitors with an increased efficiency and effectiveness to your business processes.

The solutions we provide you with are aimed at improving your customer service, streamlining your ability to increase your profits as well.

Our Business Consulting service is undertaken by our professional consultants, capable of resolving your business problems in the present, averting other possible ones in the future.

Meta Horizon presents innovative Business Consulting through:

1. Gaining a proper understanding of your business; it’s current needs, and challenges.
2. Identifying key issues in your organization, specifically in your business processes.
3. Creation of innovative IT and Business Intelligence strategies to address the same.

Our Business Consulting service is best for companies and organizations in sectors including: banking
and finance, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, telecom, travel & hospitality, media and information services, logistics & transportation; and many others.

ERP Applications
Today’s market is as demanding and competitive as it gets. With more and more organizations being dependent on ERP to innovate and further promote efficiency in its business processes, so should your business.

To begin with, ERP systems improve the efficiency of your business– but it calls for effective implementation and integration as well. With this, you need a company that should help you with this need.

At Meta Horizon, we help clients hailing from all industries in their ERP requirements. We help them achieve ERP systems for error-free management of their business processes which includes the creation of inventories, management of supply chains, and establishment of positive customer relations; among many others.

Our ERP application service is undertaken with the perfect combination of pragmatic business approach plus strong management skills. Our team of professional consultants can implement cost-efficient and effective ERP solutions for your business.

We take pride in having worked with countless of clients, including some Fortune 500 companies. We helped them enhance their business processes and work flow; reducing operational costs and maximizing profits as a return.

We possess the necessary experience and expertise in the aspects of building, implementation, and customization of you ERP packages– making it work for your business.

CRM Applications
Customer Relationship Management system; otherwise known as CRM has been created to help business and organizations build a positive customer relationship. This results to generating quality lead sales, easier implementation of marketing strategies; all while reducing operating costs and maximizing profits.

Our CRM Applications allows us to become your partner in creating a positive customer experience, giving you more returns with a minimal IT infrastructure investment. With a pool of CRM professionals, we can help you establish a CRM system that works.

Meta Horizon has a rich experience in the development and customization of CRM applications. Having worked with both local and international clients, we have gained expertise in this industry. Our approach is client-centric– we identify your needs and work on fulfilling the same with our CRM application.

Our pool of CRM professionals can help you come up with the CRM application that’s tailored to your specific organizational requirements.

MRP Applications
Manufacturing Resource Planning/ Materials Requirement Planning; otherwise known as MRP, is an efficient means for planning and managing your resources for your manufacturing company.

MRP applications are created to help your business commit accurate decision making in managing your inventory; as much as it aids in planning of your material purchases, handling of cost control, production scheduling, and analysis of sales requirements.

Network Security and Identity Management

With demand and necessity Metahorizon Inc has expanded itself to Network securitto prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. The security involves the authorization of access to data in a network, which is controlled by the network administrator.

We have also mastered ourself in Identity management that deals with identifying individuals in a system (such as a country, a network, or an enterprise) and controlling their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.

Details will be provided upon request.

Meta Horizon helps business develop a tailored MRP system that should give them the following benefits:

• Cut on production and operational costs
• Increase in sales
• Efficient production
• Improved reporting procedures
• Easier inventory management

Being in the industry for years, we have what it takes to help you out in your MRP requirements, considering your unique business needs. Our MRP application includes modules for inventory management, product definition and costing, work order management, purchase order management, sales order management, sales analysis, shipping and receiving; among many others.

With our MRP application, you get to undertake your business processes most efficiently, creating a positive client experience as a natural consequence.

Custom Applications
Whether you run a start-up to a large business or enterprise, you need to have that competitive edge to step up your game. With countless of competitors, you need a robust IT and Business Intelligence management solution to boost your business efficiency.

Meta Horizon offers custom application development to help you fully utilize the available technologies for your business and workforce. With our custom applications, you can specifically address the needs of your business, as we come up with bespoke applications suited for you.

Our expertise includes understanding the needs of your business, and the current best practices in your industry. With this, we are able to present IT solutions that suit you best.

With Custom Applications by Meta Horizon, you get to maximize your RIO for a minimum IT investment. Our applications are flexible, cost-efficient, and effective.

We make use of all the available resources to help you out. From industry standard frameworks, effective methodologies, and cost-efficient IT solutions– Meta Horizon is all you need to achieve the improvements you need in your business.

Our Custom Application services include:

  • Application Implementation and Integration
  • Application Transformation
  • Application Management and Support
  • Application Upgrade & Improvement

Offshore Development:
Outsourcing your application needs is the most cost-efficient means to achieve the IT Solutions that you require. Meta Horizon offers Offshore Application Development services that is comprehensive, encompassing the following:

• Software development
• Application development
• Systems integration
• Project Management
• IT Infrastructure services
• Quality assurance and Testing
• Support and maintenance

Meta Horizon offers Offshore Development in an unparalleled quality. We have worked with countless of clients, maintaining a brand that is known for reliability and professionalism. We can help you grow your profits with a minimal IT investment. Our team is composed of IT experts, along with our professional consultants, helping you achieve the offshore IT and Business Intelligence services that you need.

General Consulting
If you have not considered joining in the bandwagon of IT and Business Intelligence solutions for your business yet, you might as well have been way behind your competitors.

In this modern day and age, the changing market conditions demand for adaptability for your business–which you may achieve with the help of IT Solutions.

These IT Solutions are specifically addressed at helping you out in your business needs while optimizing costs, leveraging current technologies, and constantly innovating your IT requirements as well.

Meta Horizon offers general IT Consulting services for all sorts of business and organizations. With the solutions that we propose, you get to grow your enterprise most efficiently.

Our approach is proactive– we identify your needs, and tailor solutions to fit your business. From IT Infrastructure services, system and application development, to integration and maintenance–our experts are here to help.

We aim to deliver quality IT consulting, and one that you can trust; on top of offering the same within the budget you can afford.

Talk to us to know more about our General IT and Business Intelligence consulting services today!

The implementation of current IT and Business Intelligence solutions to your organization implies having to come up with appropriate IT Training for your human resources as well. With this, you need a partner in your IT and Business Intelligence training requirements for your company.

Meta Horizon offers IT Training for all sorts of businesses, companies, and organizations. Being updated with all the current and upcoming IT and Business Intelligence trends, you get the best deal with what we have to offer. From multiple applications training to the latest trends and technologies; we have the best persons to provide you with the training that you need.

Having worked with countless of clients, you get professional, unparalleled, quality training services from Meta Horizon. Our team are experts in their respective IT fields; thus, our Training service allows you to get access to the best practices in the IT industry.

Partner with us, and partner with the best in IT Solutions and training firm.

Creating your IT Infrastructure for your business is imperative. With the changing needs of the modern times, you should respond to the call for digitalization with the implementation of IT and Business Intelligence solutions for your business.

At Meta Horizon, we design and build efficient, secured, and scalable IT and Business Intelligence infrastructure for the widest array of business and organization. Our goal is to provide you with an IT System that you can trust. With our IT experts working with professional-grade IT and Business Intelligence solutions, you get access to the best IT management solutions in the industry.

We have partnered with countless of clients, allowing us to forge a brand of quality service in the market. We have helped our clients improve not just their business processes efficiency; but we lead them to create a positive experience for their clients as well– in turn, resulting to overall business improvements.

Meta Horizon offers offshore custom IT Infrastructure solutions for organizations of all sizes. We build and customize IT and Business Solutions systems for our clients. We also compliment your current IT infrastructure, helping you improve your existing one.

Our IT Infrastructure services include IT help desk, systems integration, data management, application management, IT security, business management services, and many others.

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