Operations Manager

Employer: Metahorizon Inc.
Position Title: Operations Manager
Location: Irving TX

I: Essential Job Functions:

 Monitor and drive key service level metrics for fulfillment to ensure company provides excellent
customer experience and delivers on promises.
 Ensure client satisfaction by providing a seamless interface to technology consulting clients;
demonstrate leadership, responsiveness and creativity
 Accomplish staff results by communicating job expectations; plan, monitor, and appraise job
results; coach, counsel, and discipline employees; initiate, coordinate, and enforce systems,
policies, and procedures.
 Maintain and guide administrative staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees;
maintain a safe and secure work environment; develop personal growth opportunities
 Achieve specific financial objectives by communicating with administrative personnel /senior
team and making adjustments to workflow as necessary
 Implement customer service standards and evaluate employees based on their ability to meet those
 Support operational strategy and innovation to drive business goals for revenue, operational
performance, and profitability

Minimun Requirment for the job:
Bachelor's degree or its foreign equivalent in business administration,management studies, human
resource, psychology, social sciences, or a related field, and two (2) years of post-bachelor experience in
job offered or in operations management areas in services sector. In lieu of Bachelor’s +2 years of
experience, employer will accept Associate's degree in a related field +4 years of post-education
experience in operations management areas in services sector. Employer accepts any suitable combination
of education, training or experience.

Job Requirements
Occupation: General and Operations Managers
Minimum Experience and 2 yrs 0 mos and Bachelors Degree

Salary $62754.00/year

Job location:
WHERE TO APPLY: 1303 W Walnut Hill Ln, Suite 340, Irving, TX 75038

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