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Implementing Better Flexibility For Planning And Forecast, Enabling Scenario Modeling

The Need
As a leading global investment bank, Credit Suisse needed to procure better means to achieve bank profitability be mainstreaming financial operations. The organization realized that it’s business planning processes had to be more flexible and interactive to adapt organizational changes to achieve its goal.

The Solution
Credit Suisse adapted a proactive planning and modeling solution based on IBM® Cognos® TM1, replacing its previous slow and laborious spreadsheet based planning process. The implemented Business Intelligence solution is aimed at boosting its business agility and flexibility.

The Benefit
Planning models, which used to take up to days to achieve, may be acquired within minutes to reflect organizational changes. It allowed the organization to keep its plans aligned with its current business realities.

The company’s budget collected from over 45 business areas may be loaded and consolidated within a day– a significantly more efficient and faster means to achieve the same ends from its previous turnaround time of up to two weeks.

This benefit had allowed the company to achieve a deeper analysis, resulting to more accurate business plans.

Creating client profile for any organization, along with integrating new acquisitions to the business into its corporate sphere can be complex and daunting of a task. As one of the integral part of the bank’s growth strategies is to identify new methodologies and technologies to allow its executive to ensure flawless integration of new acquisitions into its current planning and budgeting processes, it requires a proactive Business Intelligence solution to address this need.

The Solution
The bank implemented the ControlWORQ and TM1 to load data from its subsidiaries, along with looking at these numbers as a whole. This allowed the organization to apply the necessary elimination to ensure a valid and acceptable representation of a certain period’s business. The data remains balanced across multiple entries; its transactions are managed in an auditable way.

As a number of eliminating entries will repeat period over period, these entries are stored in balanced format to allow for quick update and application to future periods as needed. This feature allows for consistency, while saving time during the finalization of consolidated reports towards the end of each period.

The Benefits
Benefits of application of these BI include complete, controlled, and end-to-end Performance Management Solution with the following key benefits:

• Controlled, balance, authorized and auditable journal entries
• Automated recurring and reversing journals
• Reconciliation reporting for intercompany balances
• Automatic eliminating journals of intercompany balances
• Real-time visibility of the impact of journal entries in TM1

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