Business and Banking

The business and finance sector both requires cost-effective Business Intelligence solutions to be at par with the call of the times; as much as the implementation of effective IT Solutions bring about a better edge in the midst of countless competitors.

Being in the industry for years, Meta Horizon offers a number of BI solutions for banks and businesses requiring implementation of Data Management and Business Intelligence solutions to optimize investments, business growth, operational efficiency– all while minimizing risks and without compromising client and customer satisfaction.

Retail, Merchandising, and Hospitality Businesses
Meta Horizon is able to help out businesses in the Retail, Merchandising and Hospitality Sectors by coming up with a bespoke IT solutions that fits the business’ needs, matched with the current demands in the market, along with the resources and limitations of the organization.

We offer reliable solutions that will help your business cope up with the changing needs of your market, also helping you come up with a beneficial customer relationship, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

The Business Intelligence solutions that we offer are also drawn towards promoting greater efficiency to your business–thus, you invest for less, and get the most out of your business.

Meta Horizon is composed of a team of qualified consultants that can help you grow your business with our BI solutions:

o Our consultants will work on your project within your budget, and within the time frame agreed upon.

o We empower our clients by imparting knowledge on the applications we implement along the way.

o Businesses get to challenge their limits and pave room for further improvement leading to business growth.
Whether you are one in the Retail, Merchandising, or Hospitality Industry, Meta Horizon has got the Business Intelligence solutions that your business requires.

Banking and Financial Services
Our expertise and experience makes us your best choice when it comes to your IT Solutions requirements. We offer the widest array of Banking and Financial Services Business Intelligence solutions that are sure to raise your profit, improve your client satisfaction, and create more business for you.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions for the Banking and Financial Sector is aimed at:

Optimizing investments. Our BI solutions are capable of creating reports and analyses for your investment strategies. If you think you’ve got your investment analytics right, you should see how our Business Intelligence solutions can take care of this for your business– instantaneously, and as you need it.

Promoting operational efficiency. It’s about time you join in the bandwagon of digitalization. With a data management solution implemented across your organization, no need to skip from one desk to another looking for a single file. Our BI Technologies can provide you with the solutions that you need to allow your business to achieve better efficiency, work with speed, without compromising your business’ performance and delivery of services as well.

Minimize risk and maximize opportunities. With Business Intelligence solution to provide you with reports and analyses that you need fast, you get to grab at every business opportunity in an instant. This gives you better leverage with your investments, allowing you to maximize the opportunities for your business while minimizing your risks.

We understand the intricacies involved with the operation of a business within the industry of Banking and Finance; and so we deal with clients within this sector with due diligence, fostering a partnership of trust and privacy. Most importantly, we provide solutions that are reliable, effective, and efficient at all aspects.

We offer Business Intelligence Solutions for:

  • Retail and General Banking Services
  • Internet Banking
  • Mortgages & short term Lending Companies
  • Risk Management and Capital Markets
  • FIX Protocol enabled Trading
  • Risk and Compliance Services
  • Investment Banking and Pensions

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